Friday, July 19, 2013

Greyson: 2 months

Two months already! Greyson has been changing so much lately. I love that he is becoming more alert and interactive. Plus, he is getting so big! I took him in for his 2 month appointment yesterday and couldn't believe how much he has grown.

2 month stats
Weight: 12.35 lbs- 66th percentile
Length: 23.9 inches- 80th percentile
Head: 15.4 inches- 26th percentile

He has grown almost 4 inches since he was born and has gained over 4 pounds! I sure love the chub he is getting. He has the cutest chubby cheeks and double chin. He did great at the appointment and the dr said he seems to be perfectly healthy.

He still sleeps the majority of the time but is spending more and more time awake. He has started cooing and started smiling just a couple of days ago. He sure has made us work for those smiles but they are so cute and so worth it! Greyson has not always been the happiest baby since he seemed to have an uncomfortable tummy, but lately he has seemed so much better. He seems to be much more comfortable since we have switched formulas. Even though he is still a little extra fussy, it's wonderful that he is a little happier. It gives us more time to talk and play with him rather than spending all of his awake time trying to calm him.

I have been so lucky this time around. Greyson is a wonderful sleeper. I have only had to get up with him once a night almost every night since he was born. He sleeps until Asher wakes up in the morning. He would probably sleep later but Asher just won't let him :) I have not had one single night where he doesn't go back to sleep easily after eating. He also can already put himself to sleep from time to time if we lay him down drowsy. I'm pretty confident that he will sleep through the night before too long. He still sleeps in our room in the bassinet, which I love. It breaks my heart to think about moving him into his own room. I love having him so close all of the time. Soon he will be too big for the bassinet though and we won't have a choice but to move him to the crib. Hopefully he will last in there another month or so. I need more time to prepare myself for the big move!

Since about a week after he was born we have been pretty positive Greyson has torticollis, just like Asher did. He always turns his head to the right and has a tilt. I can also feel the tight spot in his neck.  I took him to a physical therapy evaluation just before his 2 month well check and it was confirmed. Since we already recognized it and know what to do to take care of it we started working on it before he was even diagnosed. We have been constantly repositioning his head and the way we hold him and were already doing some stretches. I have not been as diligent with the stretches  as I could have been but now we are really working on it consistently hoping we can resolve the issue in just a couple of months. Also, I am hoping that we can avoid anything more than a normal flat spot since we have already been repositioning his head since birth. The physical therapist did measure a slight flat spot at his appointment but it's nothing to be concerned about at this point, I really can't even see it. I have been wearing Greyson whenever I can rather than laying him down so that should make things a little easier. We are going to continue with physical therapy and hope the issue is non existent in just a few months.

We are so happy that Greyson is healthy and growing. He has been such a blessing and joy to. There is no doubt that he was meant for our family. Now that he is here I can't imagine our lives without him. We love our handsome little man!

These are just some photos I took with my phone today :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday celebrations

Before becoming a parent, I never realized what a special day your own child's birthday is. Asher's birthday has pretty much become one of my favorite days of the year, and I know Greyson's will be the same way. I feel like their birthdays are days that when it's easy to see how far we have come as a family, and how much they have grown and changed in just a years time. It's not just a fun day celebration for them but a celebration for the parents as well, we made it another year!

We started talking about Asher's birthday a couple of weeks before the actual day. I was hoping he would understand, at least a little, that it was a special day all about him. While at the store a few days before I needed to get some candles for the cake. Asher was so excited when he saw them, he wouldn't even let me put them in the cart because he had to hold them the whole trip. He started singing Happy Birthday and pretending to blow them out. He carried around the "birthdays" all day (including a trip to Old Navy) and asked for them first thing the next morning. I'm pretty sure his favorite part about birthdays are candles now. He's a funny kid.

This year and last we decided to celebrate Asher's actual birthday with just our little family. It's a tradition that I have really enjoyed and I think it's something that we will continue. It was on a Friday so Tim took the day off of work. The night before we blew up a bunch of balloons so Asher would see them right when he came downstairs in the morning. He loved it! We also had his gifts out and let him open them before we even had breakfast. It took a few minutes before he realized the presents were for him and that he should open them but once he realized he did great. We gave him a couple of books and a tricycle.

After gifts and breakfast we got cleaned up and headed to the zoo. This was Asher's first trip to the zoo since he has been old enough to enjoy it. It was a really fun day and I think he really enjoyed it. His favorite animals were the gorillas, the otters, the polar bear and the giraffes. The only disappointing part was that he kept asking about hippos. We didn't realize the zoo didn't have hippos anymore and told him we would see them. He didn't forget and really wanted to see some hippos. We were bummed they were gone. Greyson did great just hanging out in the baby carrier all day.

After the zoo, we headed home for naps. Tim put together Asher's bike (with Ashers help, of course) and he rode it around the house all evening. He isn't quite big enough to reach the pedals so we got one that has a handle on the back so we can push him around. He loved having Tim push him around. We had a little cake and let Asher blow out some candles. We had to sing and do candles twice since he enjoyed it so much the first time. He knew just what to do. He had a huge grin the whole time we sang and blew the candles right out.

On Saturday evening we had a little get together to celebrate with extended family. We decided not to do an actual party this year since I wasn't sure I would feel up to it with Greyson being just a month old. It was nice to just keep it simple. In attendance were my Dad, Leslie, Keaton and Ryan as well as Tim's parents and brother Aaron. Leslie made an adorable tractor cake that Asher loved. I started asking him a couple of weeks early if he would want a tractor cake or a Mickey cake. It was pretty clear he wanted a tractor cake. I thought I would make one myself but once Leslie said she would make him a cake we knew that would be perfect. It turned out a million times better than anything I would ever be able to do! He was spoiled with a basketball hoop, a little table and chairs, a train set, a tractor and some new clothes. When we moved into our house he also got a new dresser as an early birthday gift from my mom and Rudy. We had a lot of fun and are very grateful that Asher has so many people who love him!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I don't know when it happened, but suddenly my baby isn't a baby anymore! These last 2 years have gone by way too fast. Even though I hate how fast Asher is growing up, he is more fun than ever right now. Seriously, we just can't get enough of him.

Asher is so funny. He makes us laugh every single day. He is so playful. His favorite thing in the whole world is being chased around, especially by Tim. He also loves to "scare" us or pretend that Greyson is getting him.He loves dinosaurs, tractors, trains, and all kinds of trucks, basically anything you would expect a little boy to love. He always watches out the windows to see the tractors and trucks working outside on the houses being built in our neighborhood. He carries his little tractors and trains around the house all day long. He also loves to play outside and ride his tricycle or even just sit on the porch.

We are blown away all the time by how smart he is. Maybe we are just extra proud parents, but it's unbelievable how quickly he learns and the things he understands. He often speaks in sentences, understands and speaks more words than I can even keep track of, sings songs like abc's, popcorn popping, itsy bitsy spider and twinkle twinkle little star. He talks so cute, it makes me a little sad when he starts to pronounce words correctly instead of in his cute baby talk.

My favorite thing about Asher is how sweet and loving he is. He is always willing to give hugs and kisses and will even say I love you. Sometimes he will just walk up to me and say "Kiss, Mommy" and give me a kiss and a big hug. He is great at saying please, thank you and excuse me. If Tim or I ever get hurt or seem upset he will always ask if we are okay and give us hugs. He is wonderful with Greyson. I never have to worry about Asher hurting Greyson (on purpose, at least, sometimes he loves him a little too much!). Although, Asher has tried to ride Greyson a few times but luckily we have been able to stop him before he actually does! He constantly tries to share his toys with Greyson, talk to him and kiss his head. I am confident that they will be great friends!

We have been so blessed to have Asher in our family. Even though he definitely has his 'two year old moments', we couldn't love him more. Even when he is being a handful or throwing a fit he's still pretty darn cute! We are so lucky and grateful to be his parents, he is one amazing little boy!