Sunday, April 22, 2012


We had such a fun Easter this year! I have decided that holidays are at least a thousand times more fun once you have kids. Even though Asher is still too young to understand any of it I still get excited for him :)

The week before Easter we headed to my Dad's house to make our traditional panoramic Easter eggs. We had a blast and Asher was of course spoiled and got his first Easter basket, which he loved. It was filled with some goodies and fun toys. He especially liked the toy phone, the Baby Einstein DVD and of course the Gerber Puffs, his favorite snack.

This is what Asher did while the rest of us made our eggs...

The finished product

Asher going though his goodies from Grandma and Grandpa Farnsworth

All of us "kids" (minus Mathis) with our eggs

The day before Easter was actually mine and Tim's 5 year anniversary. Yes, it really has been that long! We decided to go out and leave Asher at home with Tim's parents. We don't leave him often but it was fun to have some time alone, even though we missed him the whole time. We first went to the movies and saw The Hunger Games, which I loved, Tim not so much. Then we headed to PF Changs and had a delicious early dinner complete with dessert. We made it home in time to spend a little time with Asher before his bedtime.

Sunday morning we went to church. I think it was probably the 2nd time ever I have been able to sit through all of Relief Society with Asher. It was an Easter miracle. After church and a nap we gave Asher his Easter basket. His favorite part was the fake grass filler, and of course his Baby Mum Mums :) That evening my Mom, Rudy and the Davis family came over for dinner. We had fun just visiting and playing at the playground outside our condos. Here's just a few pictures of Asher going through his Easter basket.

We had a great Easter and loved spending time with everyone!