Friday, August 10, 2012

Party #3

Lucky Asher had 3 birthday celebrations. The final celebration was about a week after his birthday with my Dad, Leslie, Mathis, Keaton and Ryan. They came to our house for dinner and cake.

After dinner Asher opened his presents from my Dad and Leslie. He did such a good job unwrapping them, must be from all the practice he's had lately :) 

Asher with his presents. He got the one on the left twice :) He also got a cute outfit with new shoes.

After presents we had some delicious cake that Leslie made. She makes super awesome cakes that look amazing. She pretty much put the cake I made for Asher to shame! It was adorable, and yummy!

Asher's cute dragon cake

We tried to get a photo of him with the cake but he just wanted to pull off the dragon's spikes and eat them :)

We had a super fun night celebrating! We are so grateful that Asher has so many people who love him and want to celebrate with him!