Thursday, August 22, 2013

Choo Choo Friends

Asher is pretty much the funniest kid I know. He says the cutest things and always has such funny ideas. "Choo choo friends" started about 6 weeks ago or so when Asher saw a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse music video about a train called "Choo Choo Express". I guess he thought it said choo choo friends because he called it that for weeks and begged to watch it all the time. It was really cute. Plus, he LOVES trains and anything to do with trains. Choo choo friends has evolved a bit since then. He has recently started calling it "Choo choo expriends", a nice combination of the two. A few days ago he decided to make his own choo choo expriends. He loves to line things up in rows lately, so it was only a matter of time before he made a train out of it. He lines up all of his bigger toys and then puts a smaller toy on each one. I guess the little ones are the passengers. Then he will choose which one he wants to ride and repeats "CHOO CHOO". Since the first time, he has done it everyday since. It gets bigger everyday. What a silly boy!

Greyson: 3 months

Greyson has been getting more and more fun everyday! He is getting big way too fast. It makes me a little sad that this time is passing so quickly, but I do love seeing how much he is growing and changing. I feel like he seems older than just 3 months. He is so aware, and so big!

My favorite thing that happened this month- he started laughing! The first time was on August 11, and it was adorable. He has been laughing everyday since then and it just gets bigger and bigger each day. I love it. He has also gotten so smiley. He immediately smiles first thing in the morning when he sees us and gets a big smile every time we talk to him. He's really pretty happy these days and only really fusses when he is tired. At first I was worried that he was going to be a hard baby because he seemed so unhappy, luckily that didn't last long and he has actually been a wonderful baby.

Greyson has been going to physical therapy and I have been doing stretches and exercises with him everyday to help him get over the torticollis. At his appointment today he officially graduated from physical therapy! We will still be stretching to make sure that his muscles develop the way they are supposed to, and help him strengthen his neck. He is doing wonderfully though and holding his head up straight most of the time. We also will have to go back in about a month to have his head shape checked but so far I don't think he will end up needing a helmet.

He is still a fabulous sleeper. He does still wake up once a night but usually not until 4 or 5. He also often falls asleep on his own and seems to be a somewhat heavy sleeper so far. He does sleep better at night than at nap time but he will often take a good nap at the same time as Asher.

Greyson is one sweet and adorable little guy. We sure have been blessed to be his parents!