Sunday, July 22, 2012

Party Time!

 Asher was a lucky boy and pretty much had 3 birthday parties. On his actual birthday we decided to celebrate with just our little family. It was fun to spend the day with just the 3 of us and I think that's a tradition that we'll probably keep every year.

The Saturday after his birthday we had a little party at my Mom's house. It's so hard living in a little condo when things like this come up. We just don't have the room to have everyone over at our house. Maybe next year :) Luckily, we have family that is willing to help us out whenever we need it and my mom and Rudy were more than willing to let us have the party there. The guests were my mom and Rudy, Ashley and her kids, Tim's mom and dad, Amy, Ryan and their little family, Tim's brother Jonathan and Tim's grandpa.

The invites
The cake- It's supposed to look like water with graham crackers crumbs as the sand :)

The cupcakes
I decided to have a pirate theme thanks to some cute invites I found on Pinterest. It just so happens that Asher's swim trunks are the same color with a skull and cross bones, I think it was meant to be :)

We kept it pretty simple with a BBQ, a pool set up for the kids, and of course, a cake smash for Asher. For some reason Asher was so not into the pool that day so he was in there for maybe 3 minutes. Long enough for me to snap a couple of photos and he was done. We had a big pool for the older kids and little baby pool for Asher and Addy.

After everyone had eaten we let Asher open his presents. He actually did really well opening his gifts and was excited to play with his new toys. He ended up with new clothes, a wagon, books, some bath toys, a tonka truck and this cute wooden activity cube.

My favorite part was the cake smash. Asher was hilarious. At first he wanted nothing to do with is. I was worried he wasn't going to eat any. Turns out all he needed was a spoon!

 A quick family photo before the cake

Singing Happy Birthday. Dylan got a little excited and blew out the candle for Asher before the song was over. Asher didn't seem to mind ;)

 Not too excited about the cake...

 Once he has a spoon he decides it's not so bad...

The he decides the spoon is just slowing him down!

He went at it like that for a while, too funny!

Digging in!

After the cake we thought we'd be super great parents and let him have an ice cream cone too. Hey, it's only your first birthday once, right :) He thoroughly enjoyed it, although you might not be able to tell from the picture.

Asher had a great party! We were very happy we could celebrate with our families! Party number 3 was the next week but that will have to be yet another post!