Monday, May 5, 2014

Greyson: 11 months

Our cute Greyson! 11 months already! He has been so much fun this month. He is walking all around like a pro! He sure picked up on walking quickly, it didn't take long for him to master it! He loves being able to walk around. He has always wanted to be independent and explore so it's no surprise that he gets happier as he gets more mobile.

He has also turned into a great eater this month. All of a sudden he loves finger foods and will happily eat whatever we give him. He has especially liked strawberries, bananas and toast. He's always trying to walk around the table and steal food from everyone else once he is finished with his. He has pulled Asher's entire plate off of the table more than once while trying to get his food. He also does great with a sippy cup and still loves his bottles.

Unfortunately, Greyson, along with Asher, has been getting sick a lot lately and catching just about everything going around. He has gone through colds, pink eye and the stomach flu just this month. Hopefully the warmer weather will help keep them a bit healthier!

Greyson will repeat words here and there and even just said his first word, "catch". He's been repeating it for about 2 weeks and then said it on his own while playing with a ball the other day. We love watching out cute boy learn and grow!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Greyson: 10 months

Our cute boy is 10 months old! Hard to believe he is so close to his birthday! It seems like he has changed so much this month. He is starting to turn into a toddler and less of a baby. He is happy and fun loving and is making us laugh all the time.

 The most exciting news, Greyson took his first steps! I guess this should technically go in next months post, since it happened the day after he turned 10 months old. He has been pulling up and walking around the furniture for a while so we had been waiting for it to happen anytime now. He was so excited for himself that he squealed and clapped and then fell over. It's fun to watch him try to hard to get up and take a few steps now. He also has gotten really good at walking with his walker. He can turn around, go backwards, turn corners, and get just about anywhere he wants to go with it. I'm sure he'll be walking around the house like a pro in no time! He has also gotten to the stage of emptying all of the cupboards and getting into anything he can. Luckily, the house is already pretty baby proof and we can let him explore quite a bit. He's pretty independent, he actually always has been. He loves to get down and move around no matter where we are.

Unfortunately, Greyson has not been a great eater lately. He sure loves his bottles, but hates baby food. He actually has never liked it very much but has never liked to feed himself much either. It makes for some stressful meal times but hopefully it's just a phase that will pass once he's more comfortable with finger foods.

Greyson loves to play with balls and will chase them around endlessly. He loves to throw giant bouncy balls around the kitchen and chase after them and do it all over again. He also loves cars and will drive them around even. He loves to be tickled, and thrown up into the air. And just like Asher, he loves to be chased. He will climb to the landing halfway up the stairs and wait there for us to come get him, as soon as he sees us he will squeal and start climbing away from us.

It's so fun to watch him grow and learn. We love our happy boy!

Here's a few phone pics of our cute boy from this month.