Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Asher turned 8 months old yesterday! He is getting more and more fun everyday. He is growing like crazy and even though I don't know exactly what he weighs he has definitely hit the 20 pound mark this month.

Some of his latest accomplishments include feeding himself finger foods and putting his binky in his mouth all by himself. He rolls all over the place. He still isn't really crawling yet. He really tries but just can't figure out that he needs to use his arms. He pushes great with his feet/knees but not his arms. It usually results in a face plant and then scooting his head across the carpet. He can pretty much get whatever he wants by rolling though, so he usually sticks to that. He has 2 teeth now.

Some of his favorite things to do are play in his exersaucer and hold our hands and stand up. He has this giraffe shaped pillow that came with his play mat and for some reason he loves it lately. He likes to hold it up to his face all the time. Whenever we try to get him to work on his crawling we just have to show him that and he tries so hard. It's pretty funny. He also really likes this nursery rhyme book that we borrowed from Ashley. He loves to be thrown in the air. He also thinks it's funny when he's holding our hands to stand and then falls down or wobbles. Apparently, he is going to be a little dare devil. He loves the bath, we are usually all soaked by the end of it. He gets super excited when Tim gets home from work and always has a big grin for him. He does not like to sit still. He is always wiggling. His little hands and feet are always moving. He's also gotten pretty grabby in the last little while, especially with hair and earrings :( Maybe one day I'll be able to wear earrings again...

He has just grown so much in these last 8 months and we love him more than anything. It's certainly not always easy to be a parent but the good stuff sure makes up for the hard parts. We love you Asher!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Valentine

I just wanted to share some cute photos of our sweet guy from Valentine's Day :)