Tuesday, November 22, 2011

5 months!

It's true, our little baby is not so little anymore! He is getting to such a fun age and we love it! He is growing so fast and getting so big. I know I say that every month but I'm always amazed at how fast it has gone by. He has been with us for such a short time but it feels like he has always been here. I really don't remember what it felt like to not have him with us. He just fits so well.

He is super smiley these days and is much easier to get laughs out of. He will even laugh now when we talk to him, which is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen! He has been rolling from tummy to back for quite a while but just rolled the other way for the first time on Saturday. He has been so close for so long but he really does not like being on his tummy so he hasn't had much motivation. I'm not sure he will be doing it all that much still but at least now we know he can! I'm sure he'll be sitting up anytime now. He is getting really close and does great with minimal support. He cannot get enough of his feet lately. He is trying to eat them all.the.time. I would even be willing to say his feet are his favorite toy. He has also found his voice in the last few weeks. He of course has been babbling and cooing for a long time but these days he likes to yell. I think he just likes to hear himself and he sure is loud! Sometimes when he wakes up in the morning or from a nap I don't go in right away because I like to listen to him through the monitor. It makes me laugh everytime to hear him in there grunting and squealing while he waits. He has also mellowed out a bit and has gotten past the fussy newborn stage. He does seem to be developing some seperation anxiety/stranger danger lately, though. As long as Tim or I are holding him he does just fine but when someone else takes him he gets a little unsure. I don't really mind it though, soon enough I'm sure he will be dying to get away from us so I'll take what I can get :)

Like I said, he cannot get enough of his feet!

How are babies this flexible? It makes me smile.

I may be biased, but I'm pretty sure I have the cutest baby in the whole world :)

Love the silly faces!

We love our handsome little man and we are so blessed to have him in our family! I ask myself everyday how I got so lucky. We love you, Asher!

Starting Solids!

On Sunday we gave Asher his first taste of solid food. We started with some rice cereal and I would say it was a success! It was really just for fun and to help him start getting used to a spoon but he did great!

First bite, he's not so sure yet...

A few bites in and he started to get a little more comfortable...

By the end he was loving it, even though half of it ended up on him instead of in his mouth!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Asher's First Halloween!

I have already decided that holidays are a lot more fun with kids, and Asher is only 4 months! It was so much fun just to dress up Asher and see how cute he looked in his costume! We didn't actually do much on Halloween. We just put Asher in his costume long enough for some pictures and then passed out candy to the few trick or treaters that came.

Here are some photos of my cute robot!

With his cute Halloween Build-a-Bear

Ha ha I love this face he is making!

We spent the night before Halloween at my dad and stepmoms house. They always have such fun activities whenever we go over for any holiday!

Asher and Grandpa Kevin

Tim and Asher

Painting my bat pumpkin

Asher and Ryan- Asher was loving his costume ;)

Like I said, holidays are way better with kids. I am excited for all of the future Halloweens with our little man when he will actually care!