Thursday, September 27, 2012

I guess he was hungry...

I was just looking through some photos and found these from August and knew I needed to post these. I am not very good at blogging the everyday things.

I had been in the other room getting ready for the day while Asher was playing in our front room. I came out to find him in a pile of cereal. He was eating it as fast as he could and shoving handfuls in his mouth. Silly kid. Good thing he's so cute. We did find a new home for the cereal after this, though :)

15 months

Our Asher boy is already 15 months! He just went in for his well check and sure has grown since his 12 month check up. Here are the 15 month stats:

Height: 32.67 inches- 90th percentile
Weight: 24.36 lbs- 48th percentile
Head: 18.3 inches- 31st percentile

He shot up from the 59th percentile to the 90th in 3 months! He has always been a tall boy but I couldn't believe the difference. They even had to measure him twice just to make sure it was accurate! I guess I should have expected it, though. He can reach just about anything he wants now, including the top of the kitchen counters. One of his favorites is to reach into the silverware drawer and pull out a handful of spoons so he can "stir" in the mixing bowls.

He is just getting more and more fun as he gets older. This age has been the best so far. He is sure energetic and keeps us busy, though. He never holds still and is always on the go. He loves to dance, be chased and jump on everything. Each morning when we go in his room he is jumping up and down super high in his crib. He actually doesn't even want to get out most mornings. He just wants us to stand there and watch him jump around, silly boy!

He is learning so much and catching onto everything right now. He is a little parrot and also says a bunch of words on his own. He says about 10-12 words consistently (and mostly in the correct context) plus copies us all the time. Some of his words include mama, dada, kitty (which basically means every furry animal), binky, snack, up, all gone, thank you, no, book, duck and uh-oh. He understands the names for most objects and will go get his shoes or any toys when we ask him to.

He loves to play outside, especially the playground and going down the slide. He loves to walk around and look for the "kitties". Every time we see one of the neighbors cats he gets super excited and runs over to see it. He loves to flip through the pages of his books. He LOVES his milk, a little too much, maybe. He loves toothbrushes, unfortunately. Luckily we catch him before he tries to chew on ours :) He also loves to play/watch other kids now. It's fun to see him try to interact with them and share his toys.

He also loves keys and can't stand to not be holding them whenever he sees them. We were out for a walk the other day and he was holding the keys when all of a sudden he threw them in a storm drain. It had all of my keys, which meant we were locked out of the house and Tim was at work. My sister came to help me look for them. With the help of a police officer and my neighbors we were able to fish them out. It was quite the afternoon!

Our Asher is one crazy, busy, little boy and we love it that way. Not to mention, he's pretty adorable :)