Friday, July 22, 2011

One month!

Our sweet Asher turned one month old yesterday! He is growing so fast. We love to watch him grow and change everyday. It already makes me a little sad because I know that soon he will not be my little baby anymore. He is pretty alert and loves to stare right into our eyes. He is starting to stay awake for longer periods of time so I spend a lot of my day just talking and reading to him.

Now that he is one month old I have decided to try and start a routine for him, especially for bedtime. I don't know that he will really understand it just yet but I don't want to get into any bad habits. Most nights he falls asleep in our arms and we hold him until he is into a deep enough sleep that he won't notice being moved to his bassinet. When he naps during the day I have usually let him stay in my arms because I just can't bare to move him. If I do move him it is usually into his swing rather than his bassinet. It is probably more for me then for him that I let him always sleep in my arms. I love my sleeping baby cuddles! So the past few days I have been trying to put him to bed sleepy but not asleep, he does not love it. He does not really love to be swaddled because he hates his arms down. I was swaddling him in a blanket until a couple of nights ago but the first thing he would do when I put him down "sleepy" or when he woke up was fight his blanket. He would wiggle and grunt until one arm was out the top, one through the middle and his feet totally out. We got a little pod blanket to zip him in instead which seems to work a little better because it has some stretch in it so he can wiggle a little more without waking himself up too much or pushing a blanket into his face. I still feel that teaching him to fall asleep in his bassinet may take some time and a lot work though. Good thing we love him so much!

His clogged tear ducts seem to be getting better already and I am so grateful for that. They still are moist a lot but they are not getting crusty like they were before. Poor Asher already got his first cold though :( I really don't understand how. He has never been out in public (other than the pediatrician) and we have everyone sanitize before they hold him. I'm not really sure how he got it but it sure was sad. It made for one day of literally holding him all day long. Thankfully he is doing much better now and is just a little stuffy in the mornings.

I love that we learn new things about him everyday and get to know his little personality. He loves to suck on his fingers when he can get them into his mouth and does a pretty good job at finding them, when he can't get them he's happy to accept his pacifier. If he does not get his hands in his mouth he at least always has one resting on his face. He does NOT like baths, except when we wash his hair. He calms right down for that part. He wiggles all the time, except when he is tired, then he loves to cuddle up to one of us to sleep. He makes the cutest little noises all the time. The hair on the back of his head is super long and he has some cute bedhead everytime he wakes up. Whenever he is upset we "shhh" in his ear and it always calms him right down. He sure loves his mom and dad. There are so many things that we are still learning about him and parenthood all the time. It really has been an amazing experience. We are so excited to see what else is in store with our little guy.

Just relaxing

In his little swaddlepod, he still manages to get his hand out the neck hole. Silly boy.

We love you Asher boy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My boys

Tim and Asher are so sweet together. Tim has been such an amazing dad already. He helps so much with Asher and around the house. I definitely don't know how I would do all of this without him! He is so good at taking care of Asher when he gets home from work so I can have a little time for myself. He loves Asher so much, he is probably the cutest dad I have ever seen. Asher sure loves his daddy too. He loves to fall asleep on Tim. This is how they cuddle every night before bed.

Tim is already teaching Asher about soccer. They are watching the RSL game here. Don't judge my messy house please, I do have a newborn :)

I sure got lucky with my two cute boys! Luckily, I get some cuddles of my own too.

3 weeks

My baby turned 3 weeks old yesterday! I can't believe it! He is getting so big and has changed so much since he was born!

These are his stats from his 2 week appointment:
Weight: 8lbs 4oz- 32 percentile
Height: 21 1/4 inches- 67 percentile
Head: 14 inches- 17 percentile

This time has gone by so fast but I also can't remember what life was like before we had him. He is such a good little baby. He is so sweet and calm. He loves to cuddle with us and I think it is my new favorite thing to do :) He does seem to have a bit of acid reflux and it makes me sad for him but even when it is bothering him he still hardly cries, he is a tough little guy. He also has a clogged tear duct on each eye so his eyes are always wet and get pretty goopy when he sleeps. I am hoping that it clears up on its own soon. If it does not clear up by the time he is one then he would have to have surgery to fix it. Hopefully they clear up much sooner than that though, a year is a long time to have to have goopy eyes! Overall he is doing great and we can't get enough of him.
Tim and I are also doing pretty good. We are still adjusting to the whole parenting thing. Actually, it is probably more accurate to say we are adjusting to doing anything else at the same time! We are trying to figure out how to keep our house clean, make dinner, make it to the grocery store and still have time for eachother. It is starting to get easier though, I have finally figured out how to eat lunch and take a shower before Tim gets home from work! It is totally worth all the changes though. We love our Asher and can't imagine life without him! These are just a few pictures from the last few weeks...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Asher's first photo shoot

Of course I had to take some photos of my sweet boy. It was only the first photo shoot of many to come. He better get used to the camera :) These are just a few of my favorites, you can view them larger on my photo blog He is 9 days old here.