Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Go Packers!

Last weekend Tim was able to go with his Dad to Green Bay, Wisconsin to go to a Packers game. The McDonald's are very faithful Packers fans and Tim has always wanted to take a trip to Lambeau Field. He LOVED it, and that is probably an understatement. He had a great time with his dad and has informed me that he now wants to move to Green Bay, I'm not so sure that I'm convinced yet :) Asher and I missed him at home but he had so much fun that it was worth it. My mom even came to stay with me while he was gone so we wouldn't be alone. We are very lucky to have such generous family! Tim even brought some souvenirs home for us, a shirt for me and a pennant to hang in Asher's room. I'm sure one day Asher will love the Packers as much as Tim does.

Here are a few photos from his trip. You can see they had AMAZING seats!

4 months!

That's right. My sweet boy is 4 months old! I am totally missing the newborn stage but I'm so LOVING this age! He is so much fun! He smiles for us all the time and even laughs quite a bit these days. It is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever heard. We had his 4 month check up yesterday.

These are his 4 month stats:
Weight: 14lbs 13 oz- 46%
Length: 26 inches- 88%
Head: 16.3 inches- 24%

Yes, you read that correctly. He is a whopping 26 inches! He has grown almost 6 inches since he was born! His appointment was great (except the shots, of course. He did NOT like that part). The best news of all is that he is over his torticollis!! I have to say, I'm pretty proud of us. After countless stretches and exercises for 2 months we were able to overcome it without going to physical therapy. We did meet with a physical therapist a few weeks ago for an evaluation and they gave us some stuff to do at home. We have been super diligent and it was so worth it! He still has a small flat spot because of it so we will continue to reposition his head whenever we can in hopes that it will resolve itself. He also has a condition called pectus excavatum. It means he has a sunken in chest, there is a small cavity between his ribs. It is pretty mild and will most likely not cause any problems. We really won't know for years if it's something to worry about. He could grow out of it so that is what we are hoping for! It seems like he has these weird problems but really we are very lucky that he is a healthy, growing boy!

He is rolling over all the time, tummy to back. I think it's really because he hates tummy time so he tries as hard as he can to end it. Sometimes he even gets up on his knees or toes. You can just tell he wants to be on the go already. I'm pretty sure he will be an early crawler, he already tries so hard.

We have also been doing sleep training the last week and a half. Asher had been napping in his swing everyday because that was the only place he would nap for longer than 2o minutes without being held, which is weird because he sleeps in his crib at night... We had to stop using the swing all of a sudden after going to the physical therapist because it was not good for his torticollis. So after a week of going crazy from either holding Asher for 2 hours or putting him down only to wake up after 20 minutes I decided that we needed to make some changes. He now sleeps in his crib for every nap and will stay in there for over 2 hours. I can even put him down drowsy for naps and nighttime, that never happened before. I have learned a lot through this whole process and will hopefully be able to avoid the same problems with our next child. Asher usually wakes up once a night now but will sleep all the way through every now and then. He was sleeping through the night for a while but unfortunately it didn't last. It finally seems like we may get back to that soon, yay!