Thursday, January 26, 2012

7 Months!

Asher turned 7 months old last week. He has sure changed and learned so much in the last month. It really is so amazing to see him grow so fast! He is so much fun and already seems to have a sense of humor. He makes us laugh everyday.
He has become a much better sleeper this month. He sleeps through the night almost every night now. He goes to bed at 7 and sleeps until at least 4, usually longer. Most of the time he makes it until about 5:30 or 6. He falls asleep in his crib on his own even. Most days he takes one 2 hour nap, and two 30 minute naps.
He has started to chatter a lot. The first sound he repeated was baba. He now also says dada and an occasional mama, (not referring to us) baba still seems to be the favorite though. He has gotten really loud and loves to yell. He does it all the time, whether he is excited, happy or mad. He also laughs at just about anything these days. I must need to work on my speed diapering because lately he decided he has to go almost every time I take his diaper off. The funny part about it though is that every time it happens, he laughs! I think it must tickle when it gets him but he thinks it's hilarious. Silly boy!
He sits like a champ now and rolls all over the place. He seems to want to get around but still doesn't love to be on his tummy. I think he is getting more motivated to crawl though so maybe by next month! However, he is way more into walking than crawling so we'll see!
He also got his first tooth about a week and a half ago. It's so cute! He really wasn't too fussy with it. He woke up crying once the night it came in and had a pretty runny nose but other than that he was as happy as could be.
He is now eating solids regularly and doing great with it. He has liked pretty much everything he has tried, except avocado and green beans (who can blame him?). I make all of his baby food and I really like it. I like knowing that it's fresh and much healthier for him. It has been super easy so far. He also is learning to drink from a sippy cup. He can drink from it if we are holding it. He tries to do it himself but just can't seem to tip it back far enough, which is funny cause he has been holding his bottle himself for at least 2 months now.
Overall, Asher is doing great! Here are a few pictures from about 6 1/2 months old.

We love our silly, handsome boy!

Asher's First Christmas

Yes, I know Christmas was over a month ago. I have been putting off blogging about it because I am disappointed in the pictures we have from Christmas, and yes, I know that is a silly reason. Now it's time to blog about other things though so I have to catch up.
We had a wonderful Christmas. Even though Asher is still too little to know what's going on it was still so much fun. He did like the wrapping paper so he actually did help open his own presents. We started out Christmas Eve at the Tim's parents. We were able to visit for a while and exchange gifts. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera so we have no pictures from Christmas Eve. We had some on my sisters camera but they didn't turn out very well :(
We headed over to my Dad's next for dinner. We also decorated cookies for Santa. It has become a fun tradition to go over there every year on Christmas Eve. Asher opened his Christmas jammies while we were there and he looked so stinkin cute in them!

I stole this picture of me and Asher from Ashley's blog, at least she got one with Asher in his Christmas pj's!

Christmas morning we got up and went over to Ashley's house to have breakfast with her little family and my mom and Rudy. We didn't even open presents at home before we left since we didn't have a lot of time, and we didn't think Asher would mind waiting :)
We had a delicious breakfast and a lot of fun! We even played a little Just Dance on the Wii. Here are a few pictures from our day.

Asher with his cute new hooded towel, it even has his name on it!

I'm going to pretend like he really is trying to open his present here.

Here he is with some of his fun new presents

Tim and Asher, love my boys!

Going through Asher's stocking after we came home, his new walker from Santa is in the back. He loves it!

He got a new highchair from my mom and Rudy. We put him in to try some of the Puffs that were in his stocking. He made this face a lot. It was pretty funny. I guess he just needed to get used to them because now he loves them and smiles every time I pull them out.

He also got an exersaucer from my Dad and Leslie. It's super cute and he really likes it, he loves that he can jump around in it.

We had a great Christmas this year spending time with our sweet Asher and our extended families. We are so blessed!

Monday, January 2, 2012

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