Sunday, October 18, 2009

Long weekend,,,

I probably don't need to say that I am not very good at blogging. I don't feel like we do very much that is really that exciting to share with everyone. I have decided that I would like to start doing better. I am just going to blog about the things I want to remember, even if it's not very exciting! We didn't do a whole lot this weekend but we had so much fun together. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures to post.

e Tim was on fall break from the U all last week I decided to take Friday off work so we could spend some quality time together. With Tim's school and soccer schedule we haven't had much of that. We thought it would be the perfect day to go to the temple. We went with Tim's parents to the Salt Lake Temple and did a session. We were married in Salt Lake but this is the first time we have done a session there. It was so neat. I love the temple more than I can say. I love the peace I feel while I am there. Tim and I have not gone as much as we should so I am making a goal to go more often. Afterwards, we spent the evening at home relaxing and just being with each other. It was a great day.

Saturday we went to Tim's soccer game. He is just about done for the season with only 2 weeks or so left. We spent most of the day relaxing. We also celebrated Tim's brothers birthday with some home made ice cream in the evening.

I love Sundays. I love my calling as a young women leader. I also love that I don't have to worry about anything but spending time with my husband and our families. We are getting ready now to go to my Mom's for some delicious dinner! What a fabulous weekend!