Saturday, February 22, 2014

Greyson: 9 months

Can I just stop time? Just for little while? My baby is growing up way too fast. 9 months already?! Greyson is so much fun right now and such a happy boy. Since he has become mobile he loves to explore and is super independent. He loves to just crawl around and find new things to play with. And much to my dismay, he especially loves the stairs. He's pretty funny about it. He will climb up a stair or two and as soon as we start to walk towards him he laughs and squeals and starts climbing faster. He knows we are going to pick him up and tries to run away! Such a little tease already. He also walks at his walker like a pro now and has been doing it for a few weeks. Sometimes while standing at the furniture or one of us he will let go and try to stand on his own. It won't be long before he's mastered it!

I took him to his 9 month check up a few days ago and it went great. Yay for no shots! I always thought Asher was big as a baby. Apparently I had no idea what that meant because somehow, Greyson is even bigger. He is actually even at the height limit for his infant carseat and is ready to move to a convertible seat already. We have ourselves one tall boy! People are always surprised to hear he is only 9 months old. He looks like a one year old.

Here are his 9 month stats:
Weight: 21.38 lbs, 65th percentile
Height: 30.31 inches, 96th percentile
Head: 18.1 inches, 71st percentile

He is sleeping through the night consistently now, which has been wonderful. Although I do miss his sweet sleepy cuddles. He is also putting himself to sleep at bedtime now. I still rock him to sleep for naps. I could probably let him go to sleep on his own for those too but a part of me just isn't ready yet. I feel like it's the last of those sweet baby cuddles I will get and I don't want to give it up!

Some things that he loves are tickles, cheerios, apple sauce, pat-a-cake, peekaboo, bathtime, Asher, and even Mickey Mouse already! And we sure love him to pieces!

Super Asher

Asher says the most adorable, hilarious things every single day. A few days ago while sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen island, he told me he couldn't get down from the stool. He actually can easily climb up and down all on his own. Anyway, he said to me "Mom, I can't get down. I need a ladder." I told him "Sorry, we don't have a ladder". He didn't respond right away. After thinking for a moment though he replied, "I'll just get my super powers!" He then hopped right down with no trouble at all and was off to play. Tim and I both laughed. Such a funny boy!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Greyson 8 months

We love that our cute boy is growing and getting so big! He is completely mobile now, and all over the place! He is already even pulling up on everything and crawling up the stairs. He has become mobile way too fast! He sure loves it though and wiggles out of our arms whenever we try to hold him. He follows us around the house and loves to explore. He has also started to babble and is getting pretty chatty now. He also has started making this funny growling sound that he does all the time.

He has been back and forth on sleeping through the night but overall is a pretty good sleeper these days. He takes a nap in the morning and another nap in the afternoon at the same time as Asher, which makes me feel pretty lucky :)

He and Asher are constantly crawling on each other and rolling around together. It's pretty cute. Asher loves to give Greyson hugs. Greyson will smile and laugh every time. I'm sure they are going to be best buds.

I took him to another eye appointment recently to have his droopy eyelid checked. The opening of each eye is still measuring about the same since the first time we took him in at 2 months old. The good news is it's not getting any worse, and though he does have astigmatism in both eyes, his vision seems to be developing the way it should be. The bad news is it's not getting any better. If this  pattern continues there will be a good chance that he will end up with surgery around the time he's 4 to raise his eyelid but we are grateful that it's not affecting his vision and we have time to wait until he's older to correct the ptosis.

We love our happy boy!

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