Monday, December 26, 2011

Cute cousins!

Ashley and I wanted to take some photos of our kids together to give to our parents for Christmas. It was not an easy task, to say the least. None of them were very into getting their picture taken so it's a good thing they are all so darn cute! Merry Christmas from Hunter, Asher and Brinley :)

I can never decide between color or black and white, so here's both!

6 months!

Asher turned 6 months old this past week. He is becoming more fun everyday and learning so many new things! He had his 6 month check up Thursday and it went great. He did so good with his shots and only cried for a few seconds. We found out that he definitely will not need a helmet, which made me very relieved. I was pretty sure he wouldn't but it is nice to not have to worry about it anymore. Here are his 6 month stats:

Weight: 16lbs 15 oz- 40th percentile
Height: 27.5 inches- 81st percentile
Head: 16.7 inches- 18th percentile

So he is still one tall boy! His cheeks have sure filled out but his body is still pretty thin. And he is just as handsome as ever!
He is learning new things all the time and it's so much fun. He knows and responds to his name. He has been close to sitting up alone for a long time now and pretty much mastered it today. He went from sitting up for about a minute yesterday to sitting as long as he wants today. He still loves to play with his feet. He always pulls off his socks so he can put them in his mouth. Half of the time he will have the next one off before we finish putting the other back on. In fact, the other day while I was getting him dressed he pulled his sock off, put it in his mouth and left it there. It was pretty funny. He is always doing silly things and making us laugh. He definitely has an opinion now and likes to make it known. He is pretty loud when he wants to be. He has started to play with his toys now instead of just putting them in his mouth. He is always kicking his feet. He has really started to like bath time lately and will just kick his feet the whole time and then laugh when the water splashes his face. He smiles every time he sneezes. We love our silly boy!

These pictures were actually taken about a month ago but he just looks too darn cute not to share them :)