Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Poor Car

Notice anything missing from this picture?

Maybe this will help...

That's right. My mirror is gone.

Last week I was on my way to work one morning. I was driving down Riverdale Road, which is a mess right now with construction. So I'm just driving along through the lanes that they made with those orange cones. Then, before I know it, I see a cone flying away from my car and realized what I had done. I hit the cone with my mirror and it was hanging by a wire. It was pretty embarrassing I have to say. I had to drive around for a day with the mirror barely hanging on and scratching the side a little. When I went to have it looked at they were able to at least take it off so it wouldn't bang up my car. It's still not fixed yet though but I do plan on doing that soon. The worst part of the story is what I did just days before that. This time I was pulling into the parking garage at work, (I had already survived RIverdale Road). I was getting ready to scan my badge so the bar would lift when I hit the pole wih guess what.... My driver side mirror. This time the mirror didn't come off though. It just broke the cover for the blinker on that mirror.Now, I have had my car for three years and up until now it has been pretty much perfect. Then within a week i have taken out both of my mirrors! So if anyone knows any good repair shops it looks like they will get a lot of business from me.
Here is what my driver side mirror looks like.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Goodbye Glasses...

So three weeks ago today I was FINALLY able to do something that I have been waiting SO long for... That's right... Lasik! I guess I should clarify and say that I actually had PRK. It's the same basic concept just the procedure is a little different. Also, with lasik you can see well pretty much immediately. With PRK it takes 3 to 5 weeks til you actually see well. It was better right away, just not perfect, and in the last few weeks it has improved a ton. The other difference between PRK and lasik is the recovery. WIth lasik there's not really much pain and you can get back to your life really quickly. With me, it was a little different. I had to take pain medication for about 5 days and was sleeping 80% of the time because I couldn't really do anything else. So you are probably wondering, why have PRK instead of lasik if it's all that trouble? I didn't really have a choice. With my prescription and a few other factors lasik just wasn't a good option for me. I am so glad I did it though and couldn't be happier with it! it's so nice to not have to put in contacts every morning or have glasses that just get in the way! It is definitely worth all the trouble! I also have to say thank you to everyone in my family who was so supportive and helpful! I especially so grateful for TIm who took care of my constantly while I really couldn't do anything, I love you! Oh, and I got to wear these super cool goggles whenever i slept (remember that was 80% of the time) for a whole week!

This was just a few hours after my surgery