Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's about time for an update...

I have been a slacker again. Since it is coming up on almost 2 months since my last post I thought I would give it a shot. I don't ever feel like there is a whole lot going on with us but there is one thing that I am super excited about. Tim is in his LAST semester at the U!! I couldn't be more thrilled. He is still debating on whether or not he will be doing a masters program but either way we are excited to be getting to this point! He will be graduating in May with a bachelors in information systems. Hopefully a good job will follow!
We have also celebrated Christmas since the last post. It was great, as usual. We spent Christmas Eve at my Dad's house. That has become a great tradition the last few years. Christmas morning we had breakfast at my Mom's house and then headed to the movies to see The Princess and The Frog with Tim's side of the family. After that we ended up at Tim's Grandpa's for some dinner and games. We were super spoiled this year between Christmas and our birthday's with iPod touches, camera equipment, a wii and some games and some cash. We have the best families and I am so glad we live to close and can spend holidays with everyone.

On another exciting note, we have put our townhouse up for sale. We are pretty sure that when Tim graduates he will most likely find a job somewhere between SLC and Utah county, since that is where all the IT jobs are. It has been for sale for about a month now and we really haven't had anyone interested. Maybe in the spring it will pick up a bit? We are not really sure where we will end up but we are excited to be moving forward. So if anyone is looking to buy a townhouse let me know!!