Monday, February 9, 2015

Family photos 2014

At the end of May we had some new family pictures taken. Knowing the boys (Tim included) would not be into having pictures taken I only scheduled a 30 minute session but we still managed to get some great ones! I love any photos of my cute boys! Here are some of my favorites.

Asher's first day of preschool

Asher started 3 year old preschool in September and has been loving it! He asks almost everyday if he gets to go to preschool today. He goes twice a week for 2 hours. We really wanted to send him to preschool this year so he could be around other kids more. He has learned so much though and we are so thrilled that he loves it so much. His teachers name is Miss Kelly and she is one of our neighbors. She is so great with all of the kids and Asher just loves her and thinks she is so much fun. It's so nice that she lives only 2 blocks away and we can even walk when the weather is nice.

Preschool has been great for him so far. We quickly noticed a difference in his desire to play with other kids and putting himself out there a little more. I really think it has helped him to open up a little bit and that makes me so happy! We have always known what a fun, sweet and wild boy he is but he has always been slow to warm up to others. We love that he is coming out of his shell a little.

It's hard to believe that our little Asher is already in preschool. We are sad to see him grow so quickly but are so excited for all of the new things he will be doing. 

Asher: 3 years old

Wow! My Asher is 3 years old! When did my baby turn into a little boy? I can't even put into words how much joy he has brought into our lives. He is such a special little boy! He is so much fun, and hilarious. He is the funniest little kid I know. He has the best imagination and is always coming up with the best ideas and games. We never know what he is going to say or do. Life with Asher keeps us on our toes and always keeps us laughing.

Asher's 3 year stats:
Weight: 30.2 lbs - 34th percentile
Height: 37.6 inches- 54th percentile

Asher loves to joke, and is so playful, he loves to read, he loves animals, especially horses and farm animals. He really only likes them from far away though, if we get too close he gets nervous and changes his mind. He loves pretending to be animals, it's pretty hilarious, especially when we're in public. He loves playing outside on the swing set, he could swing for hours if we let him.

He's so sweet and cuddly. He climbs into our bed every night and although we probably shouldn't encourage it, we really love it. He's also very smart. He learns things so quickly and remembers everything. He's always asking questions and wants to learn about anything he can.

We like to take the boys to do something fun for their birthdays each year with just the us so we can have a special time with them as a family. This year we went to the aquarium. Asher especially loved the otters and the penguins.

On his birthday we had a little party at the Alpine splash pad. He loves Mickey Mouse so we had a Mickey theme, which he loved. We ate hot dogs and called them "hot diggity dogs". For a couple of months after he would refer to hot dogs at hot diggity dogs. It was pretty cute. We celebrated with Grandma Aiessa, Papa Rudy, Ashley, Hunter, Brinley and Noah, Grandma and Grandpa McDonald and Uncle Aaron. He loved everything about it. He loves birthdays so much, it doesn't even have to be his. As long as there is cake he's a happy camper. 

The next day we celebrated at home with Grandma and Grandpa McDonald and Uncle Keaton and Uncle Ryan. Leslie made him an amazing Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake. It was a fun evening of dinner, cake, gifts and spending a little time outside riding the scooter he received.

We sure love our cute little three year old! I can't even imagine what life would be like without him in our family!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Greyson: 12 months

Our sweet baby turned one in May! He is so much fun right now! I feel like this first birthday is such a milestone for all of us. We have been so blessed to have Greyson in our family. He is constantly making us smile and laugh, even at such a young age he has an amazing personality. I sure love this age.  I love watching my baby boy learn and grow. He is such a smart boy. He understands so much of what we say and has quite a few words that he says already. A few words he are Daddy, binky, bottle, ball, catch, hi, hold you, and I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting! He is also getting(staying) so big! His 12 month stats:


Greyson loves to run around with Asher, he loves to play peek a boo, he loves Daddy and Mommy, he loves to eat, he loves balls, especially throwing and chasing them around the house. He's super social and carefree. He loves playing in the water, especially the splash pad. He'll run right into the water screaming and laughing and will stay in there longer than any of the other kids. He doesn't even mind that the water is freezing. He is totally fearless. He is fun loving and is almost always happy and smiling. He's also very independent and would rather be running around than being held. He's also very sweet though and will happily give cuddles. Everyday when Tim gets home from work Grey runs straight to the door and gives him a huge smile and hug.

We celebrated his birthday by opening gifts with our little family first thing in the morning, and then an extended family party in the afternoon. He is lucky to have so many people who love him! We were worried we would have to cancel his party because Greyson, Asher and I all had hand, foot and mouth disease just before his birthday. Luckily, his rash was gone just in time and we had such a fun day with him! He loved opening his presents and tearing the wrapping paper off. Unfortunately, he hated the cake. He ate a few bites, then wiped it all over his face and hair and then cried. It wasn't exactly we expected from a baby who loves eating!

A couple of weeks later we were able to celebrate with my Dad and Leslie and Mathis, Keaton and Ryan. Leslie made Greyson the cutest giraffe cake!