Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

This was my favorite Halloween yet. It's so fun to enjoy these holidays that are new for Asher, especially as he is getting older and having fun too. He was a super cute, furry little monster. It was adorable. He was by far the cutest monster I have ever seen.

Trick or treating was even more fun than I expected. When we first walked outside, he was a little disappointed when he realized we weren't going to the playground, but luckily he got over it pretty quickly once we got started. He was understandably a little confused and afraid the first couple of houses. He would wait patiently at the door with his cute little bucket until someone opened and tried to hand him candy, then he was hiding behind our legs or bolting it back down the driveway. It was too funny.

After a few houses, he got the hang of it. Actually, he didn't want to leave any of the houses after he got his candy. He was too cute. He especially loved the houses that had dogs, he would get so excited and starting barking. We were out for about half an hour or so. At our 2nd to last house he got a Tootsie Pop, and it was all over from there. He dropped his bucket of candy and tried to eat the sucker through the wrapper. We finally pried the sucker out of his hands and tried one more house, where they gave him the exact same thing. There was no way we were going to get his mind off of a second sucker so we headed home. His favorite part of the night was probably when we got back home and got to eat his sucker.

Overall, we had a great Halloween. Asher was super cute and I think he had a lot of fun. We love our little monster!