Monday, February 9, 2015

Asher's first day of preschool

Asher started 3 year old preschool in September and has been loving it! He asks almost everyday if he gets to go to preschool today. He goes twice a week for 2 hours. We really wanted to send him to preschool this year so he could be around other kids more. He has learned so much though and we are so thrilled that he loves it so much. His teachers name is Miss Kelly and she is one of our neighbors. She is so great with all of the kids and Asher just loves her and thinks she is so much fun. It's so nice that she lives only 2 blocks away and we can even walk when the weather is nice.

Preschool has been great for him so far. We quickly noticed a difference in his desire to play with other kids and putting himself out there a little more. I really think it has helped him to open up a little bit and that makes me so happy! We have always known what a fun, sweet and wild boy he is but he has always been slow to warm up to others. We love that he is coming out of his shell a little.

It's hard to believe that our little Asher is already in preschool. We are sad to see him grow so quickly but are so excited for all of the new things he will be doing. 

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